We never tire of the beauty here

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It is amazing to observe the success of the young sister missionaries. They keep their message simple: our Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness and the restoration of the gospel. They witness that Jesus Christ is our Savior. They invite guests to suggest someone they know who would be helped by their message. Often people refer their friends or family members. The sisters bear testimony of the truth of their message and promise that the guest will be blessed as they act on an invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray with real intent to know if it is a true record. They have touched many hearts and have blessed many lives. Usually the guests are very open to this appeal. They are usually positively influenced by the Sister's testimonies as they are very sincere. Sometimes a member of the Church visits Temple Square with the non-member or less active guest. For some reason the member feels that they need to run interference for the guest, often answering questions, changing subjects, or bringing up unrelated and distracting doctrinal questions. UGH! what is the problem here? The beautiful Spirit that attends the Sisters vanishes. I have been reminded of the times when I have been with the Sister missionaries when they were teaching in Muncie. I wonder if I offered some off the wall comment without thinking. I see the authority to teach which these Sisters have and I am learning to stand back and watch the Lord work through them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Island of Peace

It is hard to explain the sweetness of working with the Sister Missionaries and the guests on Temple Square. There is a feeling of love for every person that enters the gates. Tim and I call Temple Square an island of peace. Many pass through, most add to the spirit here. It surprises me that there is a steady stream of visitors here at this non-holiday time. Our apartment is comfortable, warm and welcoming. We love leaving and we love coming home. I am sure there will never be another time in our lives when we will enjoy everyday as we do now. Today a German grandma came to the desk and began talking in German. I tried to explain that I did not understand her, but she had something to say and couldn't hold it in. I smiled and she knew I had no idea what she was saying; we both broke out laughing. That we understood! I had a great conversation with a Chinese couple who did speak English. There is always a wait when we request a native speaker for the guests. Sometimes we get a chance to talk to the guests while they are waiting. Today that was a highlight of my day as I was able to tell them of our message and witness of its truthfulness.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Strange Day

Today we had a last minute change in schedule. Temple Square closed early due to a protest outside of the gates by gay/lesbian rights groups. They had come from California and elsewhere to indicate disapproval of the support that The Church gave to Proposition 8 in the Calif. election. The sucess of the hard work of Church members brought about a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman only. As we were serving in the north Visitor Center, at the north gate we could hear much of the comotion. There was concern over the safety of the Sister Missionaries so they were escorted home early by the Priesthood in a very inconspicuous way. Somehow this reminded me of an escape that Lot's family made from Sodom about 4,000 years ago. In spite of this, the peace and safety of Temple Square could still be felt by the relatively few visitors who braved the picket lines. What a wonderful place this is!. We are very blessed to be here. The Sister Missionaries are awesome. They have an amazing ability to bear testimony and to touch the hearts of the guests. Many people refer either themselves or friends or family for further contact. ........We were also able to attend the temple this morning--just a five minute walk from our apartment. This is almost heaven!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I guess it is a fitting end to the day that some of my message disappeared and turned a perfectly sensible sentence into something less than. I had to call Tim on the way to the salon to get the right address. In spite of Brigham Young's very wise setup of the city, I was turned around and confused.
By the way, each missionary couple on TSq is issued a huge dark blue umbrella. Sounds like we will be needing it tomorrow with snow coming. Tomorrow our assignment is the Family Search area in the Joseph Smith Building from 3 pm to 9 pm. This our first non-training day.

A Bad/Good Hair Day

Having just returned from Grandma's with a bushy head, I knew I had to find a "hair stylist" TODAY! Yellow pages say only 3 salons in downtown SLC and I have to find someone who styles bushes, aka curly. I found a classy salon just a few blocks from here which could take me today. Her name was Delenna and she loved to cut curly hair and would give a missionary discount. I took it. I knew that Heavenly Father would guide anyone who helps missionaries. I was right. Anyway, getting out of the apartment was the most difficult. Where was my missionary name badge that I have to wear when I go out? Oh there it is. It is one of those magetic attachment-kind which is usually easy to put on, but not today. It would have helped to have my glasses on, but I just kept working with it-blind, so to speak. Then I couldn't remember where my car keys were after being gone a week. (we have only lived here one week and there are lots of drawers in this place). OK I found what I needed to get out of the house. Now to the elevator, I push button for parking level B. No car in our assigned place........whoops, wrong level. Back to elevator, push A..I know that is ours. Right on! What is a pick-up truck doing parked right in back of the car? (classy salons don't like late clients, I bet. Ugh!) There is the driver, thank goodness. Away he goes. Ok now head out to 250 E 200 S. uhhhhhhh or is it 250way. Great! there is the green awning she said I couldn't miss. Well.......let's not go there. 10 minutes late but Delenna was glad to see me and we hit it off well. I was right Heavenly Father does bless those who help missionaries and I ended up with a decent cut. The manager walked by as we finished, complemented Delenna and me and then made a kind reference to our mission. "Oh, by the way, your tag is upside down". Ugh! so much for appearing competent, cool, calm and collected. That took care of the morning. Whew, it was time for a nap.

A Bad Hair Day

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Such a long time ago.....we said good-bye. No! it was just 2 weeks and 3 days. So much has happened starting with a 3 day drive to Salt Lake City. The best part was a great restaurant we found in Cheyene WY right next to the train tracks. Tim wanted a real beef steak and got it. The worst part, the motel room in DesMoines IA. HOT and HUMID. Too bad the AC turned off in mid-night. But who remembers that anyway?Our SLC apartment is more than nice. Very comfortable and plenty of room. Everything furnished; what a relief that we did not have to pull a trailer. King bed, 2 bath, view of Utah capitol building, and wonderful neighbors. Monday, Oct 13 2008 we entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. We had a very sparsely furnished dorm room with full size bed and twin size bedspread. No matter, there was plenty of place to study. Who needs sleep anyway? Tuesday through Friday we studied lessons, taught volunteers from the community, and practiced during every spare minute. Well of course we had to eat. The food was outstanding and plentiful! Imagine this scene in the large cafeteria: about 300 boys ages 19-21, all in dark suits, white shirts and ties. Now imagine a swarm of insects and the buzzing sound they make plus the sound of a high school pep rally. Put them together and what do you have? meal time at the MTC. There are about 30 older couples sprinkled in there as well. The young ones let the old ones cut in line and when they are done the young ones often pick up the trays for the old ones. Great cookies, soup, salads, and ice cream bars. Entrees like you get at Grandma's house and plenty more....and more.....and more. Clothes keep shrinking. There were wonderful, spiritual teachers. Our small group work was led by newly returned missionaries: a Sister home from an Italian mission and an Elder from a mission in Ukrain, both students at Brigham Young University. We met great people in our study group. There were 12 going to The Nauvoo Historical Sites Mission. They had to make or have made 3 pioneer outfits so they could dress in period clothing daily. Several were from farm backgrounds and hoped to be able to drive the team of horses or work in the blacksmith shop. We fit in because we had a couple of things in common: fear and faith. Luckily faith came out the strongest so we all survived. It was a wonderful 9 days!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today the computer goes inside, rightside, upside down in a box for a journey to Salt Lake City. Tim says that we will leave by 10 am Monday morning, but I know it will be closer to 7. I love him, he's predictable. Of course we are a little on edge trying to get in a few good-byes to our friends as well as get things in boxes--hope we don't get the two mixed up. We have most things done, but it's not over until it's over. Phil and Kim will pick up any pieces we leave behind. After 6 months of working on this departure we should be more than ready. Thanks to all of our friends for their wonderful support and love. Friends make us who we are and help us to get a glimpse of our potential. I love you. I include my wonderful daughters and daughter-in-laws my friends and feel so blessed.... Shanon is still suffering with morning sickness. We pray that that will soon end. No matter that millions of women have gone through it over the ages, it is still the "pits!" The prize is at the end and it is worth it! TTFN my dear friends and family.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our mission call arrived on July 21 2008; our assignment is Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission (just as we had applied for). Since then we have been busy meeting the remaining requirements. Housing in SLC, for instance. This week we found a furnished apartment in the
Zion Summit Condominiums. It was more than we expected to pay, but by the time we factored in pulling a trailer of furniture and the amenities included it was quite fair. We will be on the 7th floor, looking north to the Utah capitol building. The apartment is furnished with everything down to washcloths and garlic press. A king size bed beats the full size we expected to bring with us. The owners are from Texas and very gracious.

Fumbling Along in Blogsville

I have been trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff for over 2 months. Today I uploaded a picture and it worked! At 62, I consider that a major accomplishment in the technical world. I have to thank my mentors Kelsey Ashment and Kimberlie Hall.

Family Reunion 2008

What Great Fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It seems quite impossible that two people raised 2000 miles apart by good parents--good but not church-going-- would meet in a little town in Southern Illinois as adults. It seems even more unlikely that they would have joined the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints independently, but within a year of each other. Circumstances in both lives made this important meeting impossible until September of 1972. Mary Kaye Potter came from Brigham Young University to teach at Southern Illinois University in the physical education dept. Timothy Frank Lyon was quietly working on a doctorate in outdoor education. A social event in the home of John and Verna Anderson brought them together for the first time. Many wonderful talks, hikes and walks led to an engagement in the Spring of 1973. A wedding in the Manti temple followed that year on September 14. This year will mark our 35th wedding anniversary. We choose to celebrate by serving a full-time mission for the Church, which has made all of our family relationships seem so rich and dear. Our faith is deeper, our commitment to each other more lasting. We cherish the promise of an eternal family and long to be worthy of it. We have four children, Ben, Anna, Matthew, and Elizabeth have married loving spouses. By September, we will have 8 grandchildren: Levi, Natalie, Sam, Seth, Ellie, Madeline, Abby and Spencer. It delights me to consider how my life has been blessed as I took the most important step of my life...to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love my Savior, the Prophets, and the restored truth. I know that the heavens are opened and God speaks to His children through a Prophet of God. Today that Prophet is the man, Thomas Spencer Monson. I know that to be true. I could never have even imagined that my searching for truth as a teenager would have been rewarded in such a powerful way. I am most grateful.