We never tire of the beauty here

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Such a long time ago.....we said good-bye. No! it was just 2 weeks and 3 days. So much has happened starting with a 3 day drive to Salt Lake City. The best part was a great restaurant we found in Cheyene WY right next to the train tracks. Tim wanted a real beef steak and got it. The worst part, the motel room in DesMoines IA. HOT and HUMID. Too bad the AC turned off in mid-night. But who remembers that anyway?Our SLC apartment is more than nice. Very comfortable and plenty of room. Everything furnished; what a relief that we did not have to pull a trailer. King bed, 2 bath, view of Utah capitol building, and wonderful neighbors. Monday, Oct 13 2008 we entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. We had a very sparsely furnished dorm room with full size bed and twin size bedspread. No matter, there was plenty of place to study. Who needs sleep anyway? Tuesday through Friday we studied lessons, taught volunteers from the community, and practiced during every spare minute. Well of course we had to eat. The food was outstanding and plentiful! Imagine this scene in the large cafeteria: about 300 boys ages 19-21, all in dark suits, white shirts and ties. Now imagine a swarm of insects and the buzzing sound they make plus the sound of a high school pep rally. Put them together and what do you have? meal time at the MTC. There are about 30 older couples sprinkled in there as well. The young ones let the old ones cut in line and when they are done the young ones often pick up the trays for the old ones. Great cookies, soup, salads, and ice cream bars. Entrees like you get at Grandma's house and plenty more....and more.....and more. Clothes keep shrinking. There were wonderful, spiritual teachers. Our small group work was led by newly returned missionaries: a Sister home from an Italian mission and an Elder from a mission in Ukrain, both students at Brigham Young University. We met great people in our study group. There were 12 going to The Nauvoo Historical Sites Mission. They had to make or have made 3 pioneer outfits so they could dress in period clothing daily. Several were from farm backgrounds and hoped to be able to drive the team of horses or work in the blacksmith shop. We fit in because we had a couple of things in common: fear and faith. Luckily faith came out the strongest so we all survived. It was a wonderful 9 days!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today the computer goes inside, rightside, upside down in a box for a journey to Salt Lake City. Tim says that we will leave by 10 am Monday morning, but I know it will be closer to 7. I love him, he's predictable. Of course we are a little on edge trying to get in a few good-byes to our friends as well as get things in boxes--hope we don't get the two mixed up. We have most things done, but it's not over until it's over. Phil and Kim will pick up any pieces we leave behind. After 6 months of working on this departure we should be more than ready. Thanks to all of our friends for their wonderful support and love. Friends make us who we are and help us to get a glimpse of our potential. I love you. I include my wonderful daughters and daughter-in-laws my friends and feel so blessed.... Shanon is still suffering with morning sickness. We pray that that will soon end. No matter that millions of women have gone through it over the ages, it is still the "pits!" The prize is at the end and it is worth it! TTFN my dear friends and family.