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Friday, August 14, 2009

How Sweet It Is!

We have had a great week, but not without struggles. It was our week to contact people on Temple Square. That means we approach people and ask them if we can show them Temple Square and tell them about the history, buildings and some basic beliefs of the Church. Many people agree to join us, others decline. We met a nice couple from the Southeast US on Monday. They loved hearing about all three and at the end of the tour accepted our invitation to learn more about the Church and have a Book of Mormon delivered to their home by the missionaries. They loved the feeling on Temple Square (and so do we). Wednesday evening we went to the Humanitarian Center to accompany the Sisters on a tour. It is so wonderful to see how the Church helps the poor and how many opportunities we all have to help. Many people prepare different kits, clean used clothing, homemade quilts to be distributed throughout the world. Others donate money. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is usually the first on the scene of a natural disaster. We love sharing this with those who come here.
It is sad to see opposition to the Church here. Even the most sacred things in our Temples are mocked by a few standing on street corners. We are sad to see such disrespect and irreverance.
On the opposite note, many attend the temples regularly with sincere intent to bless the lives of others and to strengthen their families. They out-number the naysayers. It is a blessing to work in the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple.
Love to all

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Kristie said...

If there was no opposition you wouldn't be involved in the Lord's work! We're hoping to be out there sometime before the new year to drop David off at the MTC, maybe we can drop by and say 'Hi'! I would love to go through a sessionin the SLC temple with David so he can experience it 'live'!