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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to Temple Square

Today we worked at the West Gate entrance of Temple Square. It was such a busy day! We welcomed 10 or 11 motorcoach (large bus)tours on the afternoon shift. There were a total of 15 all day, 11 of them were Chinese. A total of 795 people entered T SQ on the west side today.
We are so surprised and delighted by the foreign visitors here. They seem very appreciative of the their experience. Soon most of the motorcoaches will show a promotional video produced by the Church that is all fast shots of T Sq and follows a visitor all over as she is led by 2 Sister missionaries. It is very fast paced and really bouncy and full of energy. Two ladies who had seen it on their bus today came right at closing time to make sure they knew what time they could get a tour tomorrow. Many Sisters spoke of the good tours they took today. When we work at this location Tim always welcomes the foreign tour groups. He speaks in English and often they do not understand, but they always clap when he finishes. Today the Chinese Sister missionaries asked if I would join him as he does the welcome because they were getting the wrong impression. Some thought that he might be a man with many wives as the Sisters were always standing near as they waited to lead the tour. We cleared that up today!
What fun.....

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Kristie said...

You would so be the head wife though! Maybe Tim shouldn't seem quite so happy? It all sounds like a blast! Thanks for the updates.