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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Cold Shoulder

Yesterday we took a tour with 25-ish girl in a sun dress. She sounded slightly reluctant to take us up on our offer to show her around, but came any way. We went to the Christus first and she seemed to feel good about that. I asked her what her religious background was and she said it was Christian but now Buddist. We then went downstairs to talk to her about prophets, revelation and the restoration. I asked her if she knew about the OT prophets.She said, "I was raised Christian, I know about the OT." OK, on to the NT apostles. She already knew about that. "I want to learn about what I don't know". OK. "Well here we have a display about Joseph Smith and his experience. YOu can see a short video about it." That went well. She said, "This sounds like Christiantiy. How do Mormons connect with Christians?" "Well, we are Christians!" I said. "Just let me hear about the Book of Mormon, what about the weird stuff about that book?" OK. "Well this is an ancient record of .......and it comes with a promise that you can know if it is true" . We read Moroni 10:4-5. "Hey, I'm not interested in this hardcore conversion stuff! I just wanted to learn a little about the Mormon Church!" she turned and walked away without even a good-bye. Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! "ok see you later", we said shrugging our shoulders.

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Kristie said...

Funny...now she's going to think we're just boring ol' Christians that don't have any weird cult ties. She should watch my kids go to early morning seminary...they look very Zombie like, that would have been a good 'peculiar' Mormon oddity.